Rubin with no Мakeup

19,90 лв.

CATEGORY varietal red wine with no IGP/PDO

COLOUR Ruby-red

NOSE Intensive with hints of red currant, raspberry, violets, summer flowers, oregano and vanilla.

TASTE Fresh and dynamic with an elegant mid-body. Mouth with lots of fruity aromas – red currant, ripe plum, vanilla. Finish with a delicate softness.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Good match with vegetarian food, soft cheese, grilled meat and many traditional Bulgarian dishes.


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COMPOSITION Rubin 100% (a Bulgarian variety that is crossing between Syrah and Nebbiolo)

VINEYARDS one of the first vineyards ever planted with this variety, situated on the slopes of the Rhodope mountain collar near the small town of Kuklen. The soils are sandy loams on top of diluvial sediments. The training system is Umbrella with density about 2800 vines per hectare.

VINIFICATION The fermentation method is carbonic maceration, with whole grapes put into a vat full with carbon dioxide. In this first stage the fermentation is actually due to the natural metabolism of the berries themselves. After 7 days of maceration the wine is pressed and the yeast take turn to finish the fermentation. The clarification and the stabilisation of the wine is with cold. To this wine there is no added sulphites at any stage of production and the small amount of sulphites in this wine is due to the yeast metabolism.  . The only used additive are yeast and yeast hulls to protect the wine.

ALCOHOL 12,7 vol.%

рН 3,32