Promo package – 3 bottles Young Wine


3 bottles of Young wine with delivery to an address or to Speedy’s office included.

CATEGORY varietal red wine

VARIETY COMPOSITION Ruby 70%, Merlot 30%

VINEYARDS Rubin from the region of Kuklen and Merlot from Suhindol

VINIFICATION Classic fermentation in an oak barrel of chopped grapes and keeping with the skins for 15 days. After draining, the wine undergoes malic-lactic acid fermentation. It is not clear and stabilized. Before bottling, it only goes through coarse filtration.

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YOUNG WINE – bottled only a few weeks after the end of fermentation, the young wine has a preserved fruity aroma and freshness. Thus bottled has a higher content of biologically active substances – anthocyanins, resveratrol, vitamins, flavonoids, other polyphenols. As it is not stabilized, a precipitate may form at the bottom of the bottle.