Pet Nat Without Makeup 0.75cl Natural Sparkling Wine


Rose Without Makup

Natural Sparkling Wine
Protected Geographical Indication « Danubian plain »
Serving temperature 7- 9°C

Produced and bottled by VINARNA YALOVO JSC

12,5% vol.

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A craft made natural sparkling wine produced by the Ancestral Method, in which the bubbles come from the natural grape sugars. The fermentation is interrupted by cooling and after the wine is bottled for secondary fermentation. No added sulfites or other additives. The wine is disgorged by hand and it has no “dosage”.
Wine with raspberry-pink color, lively sparkling appearance and pleasant bubbles. The aroma is intensive, fruity with hints of wild strawberry, raspberry and raisins. The taste is fresh and flashy, with dominant fruity notes. Enjoy with friends.