Zasukano 2019 Merlot & Rubin & Cabernet Sauvignon


CATEGORY Varietal wine without PGI/PGD

COLOR Sparkling and dense ruby-red

NOSE Dominated by aromas of forest fruits – raspberry, strawberry, and black blueberry, interwoven with notes of black pepper, thyme, and dried plum.

TASTE Full-bodied and rounded red wine. The structure is powerful, with a solid content of tannins, but the body is plump and juicy. The intense flavor aroma predominates with notes of raspberry, black cherry, and spices.

FOOD PAIRING Suitable for meat dishes such as pork, beef, lamb, and others like grilled, kebab, stewed, as well as with sausages and salamis. Also pairs well with traditional Bulgarian dishes – mature bean stew, sarmi, stuffed peppers. It also matches well with mature cheeses.

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ZASUKANO – The braids from Kilifarevo near Yalovo have been a benchmark for the best quality. Hence the expression “twisted Kilifarevo style.” A braid is created by intertwining and crisscrossing woolen threads. In the wine, several varieties, different terroirs, characters, and vinification techniques are intertwined. Like a colorful braid, the wine brings color and joy both on weekdays and holidays.

VINEYARDS There is participation from all plots with red varieties that Yalovo Winery works with.

VINIFICATION The wine is a blend of several different batches, made in the spirit of traditional old technologies for red wine. After blending, the wine ages for 6 months in an oak vat made of Bulgarian oak.

ALCOHOL 13.7% vol.

pH 3.51