Zasukano /Braided/
Chardonnay & Misket & Sauvignon blanc
3 bottles bundle

30.00 лв.



3 x 75cl ZASUKANO /Braided/ – Chardonnay & Misket & Sauvignon blanc 2019

BRAIDED – the braids (gaetan in Bulgarian) for decorating clothing and military uniforms in the 18th-19th century from the town of Kilifarevo near Yalovo were a standard for the best quality. Hence the expression “braided in a Kilifarevo style.” Braids are made by intertwining and crossing woolen threads – they are braided. Several grape varieties, different terroirs, characters and vinification techniques are braided in this wine. Interwoven like a colorful braid, the wine brings color and joy both on weekdays and on holidays.

VINEYARDS There is participation in all plots of white varieties, with which Yalovo Winery works.
VINIFICATION The wine is a blend of several very different batches, made in the spirit of the traditional old technologies for white wine. Chardonnay wine ferments in oak barrels and the rest in stainless steel containers. The Misket variety has a long maceration with skins, 48 hours, starting fermentation with non-saccharomyces yeast and without the addition of sulfites. Sauvignon Blanc is also pressed after maceration, but for several hours.
CATEGORY varietal wine without PGI / PDO
ALCOHOL 13.2 vol.%
pH 3.51
COLOR Deep golden yellow
NOSE Notes of ripe pear, roasted peanut, rose, acacia, lemon, vanilla, apricot.
TASTE A full-bodied and mellow white wine with harmonious freshness and a fleshy core. Enhances hints of a ripe apple, rose and quince jam and the finish is long and juicy.
COMBINATION WITH FOOD: It is suitable for an aperitif and goes well with vegetarian appetizers, cheese, pizza, pasta, chicken.