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Yalovo Winery


Yalovo Winery is a small boutique cellar situated at the foot of the Balkan Mountains south of Veliko Tarnovo. Lighted by the flame of his love for wine, the visionary Anton Tanev and the oenologist Dimitar Dimov embark on this adventure with the desire to create wines with a character expressing the beauty of the region and their common vision of making wine.The wines of Yalovo Winery have the ambition to recall the traditions and the past by combining pure techniques and aesthetics in a craftsmanship!

Yalovo Winery is housed in the massive stone building of the former school in the village of Yalovo. It was built in the early 20th century, but in the 50s the school closed doors and the building was transferred to Civil Protection. The reconstruction of the building and the transformation into a winery began in 2014. The main production is housed in an adjoining outbuilding, and the former classroom is an aging room for wine in barrels. There is also a place for tasting: a bar with open kitchen and dining room, and a spacious landscaped yard.

For our wines, we select vineyard plots, which we work closely with and monitor for the best development of the fruit so that it transmits its character to the wine. At the same time we started creating our own vineyards. Our goals, besides securing our raw material, are also to revive traditional local varieties and old cultivation techniques, as well as to preserve biodiversity in the region. The first plot is already planted with Dimyat, Pamid, Gamza, Rubin and Chardonnay. We are preparing other plots for which apart from these varieties, we will try to find the forgotten Kokkorko, Vinanka, Varna Mavrud… Our plantations have narrow rows (1,7 m) at a density of 653 vines per hectare, bringing us closer to the old traditional viticulture.

Традиция и стил ,които не забравяш !

Публикувахте от Винарна Ялово в Петък, 3 ноември 2017 г.

Why choose us?


Guaranteed quality

Authentic varieties – The character of the wine is genetically encoded in the vine, and it is best shown under certain conditions. We strive to find this bond between the vine and the region – the “terroir”, and in the old, traditional varieties is undoubtedly encoded the most sustainable and original character.

With respect to you

Pure techniques – wine is like a living organism, so we prefer oenological practices that show the character and preserve liveliness in wine. We avoid practices and supplements that can conserve.

For restaurateurs ...

Craft Approach – In the boutique cellar instead of mechanized production, we use much more manual labor. To get to your table, wine goes through our hands many times, and that’s what makes it special!

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